Sonography or ultrasound is a test most women undergo during pregnancy; it primarily helps the doctor keep a check on your baby's health and take prompt action in case of any difficulty. However, another kind of ultrasonography that many would-be parents opt for to taste the joy of parenthood and experience the unique bond with their unborn kid is called an elective ultrasound. 

Using the technologies like 3D, 4D and 5D, this type of sonogram generates realistic images of your child, which you can get for yourself without any doctor's recommendation. The sole purpose of this USG is to create sweet memories with your little bundle of joy. That is why the service provider performs an elective ultrasound in a studio within a relaxed atmosphere, where your partner and other close friends and family members can be present. Sounds interesting? Contact the best elective sonography studio for your 5D sonogram in Midland.

Facilities that leading Elective Ultrasound Studios provide!

The top-ranking prenatal studios not only offer high-quality elective pregnancy scans, but their services also include gender revelation tests, DNA tests etc. They have various cost-effective packages, booking which you can avail of the sonogram alongside hearing your baby's heartbeat and getting a video recording of its movement. Are you looking for elective 4D ultrasound in Midland? Here are the amenities you will get:

  • Gender confirmation- Knowing the gender of the foetus is an interesting and exciting event for every to-be mom and dad. If you wish to detect your baby's gender earlier, you can opt for a gender confirmation test. Besides, you also have the DNA Gender Reveal Test as another option. In this kind of examination, the service provider examines the foetal DNA circulating inside your bloodstream to detect the gender of the kid inside your womb.
  • Premium images: The medical sonogram that your healthcare provider performs delivers a black-and-white 2D image. However, through the 3D ultrasound, you can see your little one's facial expressions in detail through the high-quality image. You can also witness the prenatal movement inside the womb if you book the 4D ultrasound in Midland. But, if you have decided to go for the 5D USG, rest assured, this latest technology will generate a rich-coloured supreme-quality image of your unborn child, showing you its further details.
  • Additional Information: The conception of a child brings joy to all the family members alongside the would-be parents. Everyone develops an intense emotional connection with the baby and eagerly waits to meet it. Deciding to go for an elective sonogram will help every family member, including you and your spouse, to have a strong bond with the child. 
  •  Keepsake gifts: Whether you choose the 3D, 4D or 5D sonogram in Midland, expect lovely gifts from your elective ultrasound provider. These presents include printed 3D sculptures of your baby or a custom-made pendant having your baby's heartbeat, which will serve as a beautiful memory of your pregnancy period.


Indeed an elective ultrasound takes you through a marvellous experience in life. But remember to complement it with medical ultrasonography for the safety of your little one.